Burton, Gary /Chick Corea – Senor Mouse (LP Crystal Silence, ECM Records; USA, 1973)

Duke Ellington – Angelica – (LP s/t, Impulse!; USA, 1963)

Anna von Hausswolff – Outside the Gate (for Bruna), (LP All Thoughts fly, Southern Lord; Schweden, 2020)

Elsa Hewitt – Howl (LP Lupa, Tompkins Square; UK, 2021)

ZEA – Boarne (LP Witst noch dat d’r neat wie, Makkum Records; Amsterdam, 2021)

ZEA – I build my own town (LP The Swimming City, Makkum Records; Amsterdam, 2014)

Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Welcome Back (LP Barn, Reprise Records; USA, 2021)

Mdou Moctar – Tala Tannam (LP Victime Afrique, Matador Records; Niger, 2021)

Red Skins – Keep on keepin‘ on! (LP Neither Washington Nor Moscow, Decca; UK, 1986)

Hanba – Puste samoloty LP Będą bić!, Antena Krzyku, Karoryfer Lecolds; Kraków/Polen, 2017)

MGMT – Time To Pretend (LP Oracular spectacular, Columbia Records; USA, 2007)

Joe Meek & the Blue Men – I Hear A New World (LP s/t, Triumph; (UK, 1960; Rerelease auf Poppydisc, 2013 etc.)

Penelope Houston & her Band – Glad I’m A Girl (LP The whole World, Normal Records; Los Angeles, 1993)

Korea Girl – Reunion (7‘‘ s/t (läuft auf 33rpm!!!), Asian Man Records; USA, 1997)

Modest Mouse – Teeth Like God’s Shoeshine (DLP The Lonesome Crowded West, Up Records; USA ,1997)

Dinosaur jr. – Garden (LP Sweep it into Space, Jagjaguwar; USA, 2021)

AACKR – Harvester (LP Almae / 2021, Fidel Bastro; Köln, 2021)

Good Sad Happy Bad – Bubble (LP Shades, Textile Records; London, 2020)

Protomartyr – Maidenhead (LP Under Color of official Right, Hardly Art; Detroit, 2014)

Die Krupps – Wahre Arbeit, Wahrer Lohn (12“ s/t, ZickZack, Düsseldorf, 1981)

Screensaver – No Movement (12‘‘Expressions of Interest, Heavy Machinery Records/Upset the Ryhm Records; Melbourne, 2021)

Liiek – Mentally Desperate (LP Deep Pore, Adagio830; Berlin, 2021/2022)

Stiff Little Fingers – Alternative Ulster (LP Hanx, Chrysalis; Irland, 1980)

Current Affairs – Draw The Line (Compilation LP Object & Subject, Tough Love Records; Glasgow, 2019)

Mononegatives – Reality is (LP Aperatus Devision, No Front Teeth/Bick neck Records; USA, 2021)

Embrace – Dance of Days (LP s/t, Dischord Records; Washington DC, 1987)

The Yobs (aka The Boys) – Another Christmas (LP Christmas Album, Safari Records; UK, 1980)

Sweeping Promises – Pain Without a Touch (Digi s/t; USA, 2021)

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