Aktuell (Mondays-Fridays, 7-8pm), our daily program with local and global features and reports, has been building up momentum with new Leipzig-oriented content, and the Aktuell team would be happy to welcome you aboard to have a part in it. If you are interested in dealing on-air with local topics involving politics, culture, the environment, and more (and perhaps from a more international perspective), we would be glad to assist you with learning how to get started.

You will be able to conduct interviews, review records, books, or films, and just let your creativity run free. How often and with whom you would like to work (or alone) is entirely up to you, but we will be there to help at first. There is also a monthly meeting of the entire Aktuell team. Just please note: Radio Blau works on an entirely voluntary basis!

Please write to radioblau@radioblau.de if you would like to get involved!