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Your input for our 24h-schedule

Are you producing podcasts, audio plays or live streams of DJ sets, concerts and readings? Do you think they could fit in with our programme? Maybe because you talk about topics such as climate change, social justice, diversity, inclusion, post-migrant solidarity, multilingualism, LGBTQ +, critical masculinity, socioculture or similar approaches? Or because you are playing music that shares these values? Or because you deal with completely different topics but in a similar approach?
If you are from Leipzig and the surrounding area or are concerned with Leipzig issues and want to increase your reach, send us links to your “works”! And if we like what we hear, we might include you in our 24-hour schedule!
If you are interested, just get in touch with

Upcoming Introduction to Radio Blau workshop

On February the 5th, like on every third Wednesday of the month at 6pm we invite you to our Introduction to Radio Blau. This is the first appointment for everyone who ever wanted to produce their own radio programme or have their own ideas to be heard. We at Radio Blau are convinced that everyone can learn to become a radio host! We particularly encourage FLINT* people, people of color and people with migration experiences, disabilities or chronic illnesses to give it a try. Because we don’t want to talk about you – we want to listen to you have your own say. (more…)

New T-Shirts!

The “Future Classics” radio show (every 4th Monday at 10pm) is celebrating its 10th anniversary with DJ Corni’s great new t-shirts. Due to high demand, we also have a few more of our Inkblot Radio Blau t-shirts, and a few remaining Radio Blau t-shirts with the classic circles design, all available for you to have – just come on by during our office hours (Mo-Fr 5-7pm)! (more…)

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Radio Blau is live on FM:


During the rest of the day, we are currently rebroadcasting, among other things, Radio Corax, community radio from the nearby city of Halle.

Die Sendung LeSBIT spiegelt bunte Vielfalt queeren Lebens wider und bietet eine Plattform für alle Lebensformen jenseits der Heteronormativität.

Bericht von einem Symposium im Januar, dass sich mit Critical Whiteness, Intersektionalität und Dekolonisierung von Entwicklungspolitik beschäftigt – diskursiv, ästhetisch und erlebnisorientiert.


… die werktägliche Abendschau auf Radio Blau mit Nachrichten, Beiträgen und Veranstaltungstipps.
Heute mit einem Interview, geführt von Elmar Wigand, vom Arbeitsunrecht e.V. Köln, mit UFO-Sprecher Daniel Flohr Über Lufthansa-Rettung, Ryanair, Klimawandel und Corona.
Außerdem die Fokus Europa Nachrichten


No further information available


von 23-4 Uhr live aus dem Absturz

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Radio Blau is community radio in Leipzig: And everyone is welcome to contribute and get involved. All you need is a few ideas and a love of radio. E-mail us at!

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