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“Radio Inklusive” project extended through 2022

(Photo: Mahmoud Dabdoub) The Radio Inklusive team will be continuing its work and its development over the next 3 years thanks to support from “Aktion Mensch” charitable organization. The team, made up of people with and without handicaps, will soon be returning more frequently to the airwaves with new topics of its own as well as with projects together with other inclusive initiatives. A blog and further courses of training for the team are also in planning.

Aktuell would like to welcome you to the team!

Aktuell (Mondays-Fridays, 7-8pm), our daily program with local and global features and reports, has been building up momentum with new Leipzig-oriented content, and the Aktuell team would be happy to welcome you aboard to have a part in it. If you are interested in dealing on-air with local topics involving politics, culture, the environment, and more (and perhaps from a more international perspective), we would be glad to assist you with learning how to get started.

“Stimmpost” project getting started!

We invite you to discover our radio station with us and have fun creating your own piece of radio – something we are calling “Stimmpost”! Radio Blau would like to raise awareness for the issues that are of importance to you – and in your own languages – and turn them into a radio broadcast. We have workshops planned in June.

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Populäre Randerscheinungen*

In den “Populären Randerscheinungen” geht es diesmal um unveröffentlichte Alben. Ob unzufriedene Plattenfima, zerstrittene Musiker oder technische Desaster – es gibt viele Gründe, ein fertiges Album nicht erscheinen zu lassen. Ich präsentiere euch die Geschichten hinter dem Scheitern – und natürlich auch die Musik, denn unveröffentlicht ist nicht verloren…

Sunday Groove

entspannte Clubmusik am Sonntag abend

Time Warp

Zeitreisen in die Musikgeschichte

no eXotik! no turistiK!

This time another worldpremier. New songs of ZEA from Holland. See him live on sunday 23.6. in Plagwitz. Lots of new stuff from West-Africa, Brazil, La Reunion, South Africa, Algeria, India, …
Call in and you can win tickets for Altin Gün next week at UT Connewitz.

Übersetzung anzeigen www

Getting involved

Radio Blau is community radio in Leipzig: And everyone is welcome to contribute and get involved. All you need is a few ideas and a love of radio. E-mail us at!

Upcoming events

  • Monthly Meeting (Vollversammlung)

    At our Monthly Meeting, upcoming “free” (non-regular) time slots are applied for and approved, and past and future shows and content are discussed. This democratically-run meeting is one of the radio association’s most important places to exchange views and to make decisions.

  • Get to know the studios and more

    Learn how to use the studios and more at this introductory session. The short class is held in German at the posted time – or you can schedule an additional course in English (and possibly other languages) by sending an e-mail to

  • Introduction to audio editing

    We show you, depending on your preferences, the audio editing programs Audacity (freeware) or Samplitude (we use in our studios) and their most important functions. After that, all you need to do is practice.

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