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Radio Blau at the 3rd Leipzig Women’s Festival

The Frauenfestival or Women’s Festival will be returning to the Leipzig Market Square on Saturday, June 29, 2019. The festival will feature inspiring performances, interactive fun for the whole family, and any number of organizations and initiatives on hand. Representatives of Radio Blau will also be present to talk about the radio station and feminism, including Radioglowgirls, who will be reporting live on location from 4-5pm (in German). Join us at the festival or just tune in!

New projects welcome!

Community radio does not just mean turning your own individual ideas into new radio shows, but it is also an open platform for initiatives, associations, and artists working on topics affecting society today. If you would like to have your projects broadcast on the radio, whether this involves lectures and discussions, audio walks or radio art, you can work with Radio Blau towards their being heard by a wider audience. All topics are welcome with the exception of commercial concerns, conspiracy theories, and discriminatory content. Please contact Anja with your ideas at Or if you already have a good idea of what you would like to do but just don’t know how, you are welcome to attend the “1. Dosis Blau” introductory session with Wolfgang (, which takes place every third Wednesday of the month at 6pm (in German) or in English on demand (

First “Stimmpost” Workshop on June 6

Our new Stimmpost workshop series is now about to start and we are happy that so many people have already signed up. The workshop will focus both on basic radio skills and on researching and putting together fact-based answers to typical questions on the topic of migration. (more…)

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jung & blau

Liebe / LiebesMord auf dem Bauenhof

18.00:18.30 / Philipp und Claudia fragen, was ist Liebe? Eins steht schon fest, einfache Antworten gibt es da nicht aber dafür sind die Gedanken zum Theman umso interessanter.
18:30 -19:00 / Ein halbstündiges Hörspiel mit dem Titel „Liebesmord auf dem Bauernhof“, ausgedacht und erstellt von den Mitgliedern der TheaterAG der Schule PAS Großkorbetha. (WDH)


… die werktägliche Abendschau auf Radio Blau heute unter anderem mit den dingen, die auf dem gleisdreieck angesiedelt werden könnten, wo sich mal das black triangle befunden hat.

Fahrt ins Blaue

Liebe wohnt hier (grade) nicht mehr

Manchmal stellen Partner in einer Beziehnung fest, dass die Liebe oder das Gefühl was sie dafür halten, nicht mehr da ist. Dann gibt es verschiedene Optionen von Weitermachen wie bisher bis Trennung. Dieses Spektrum sollen die heutigen Lieder beleuchten. Mit dabei Die Liga der gewöhnlichen Gentleman, Carol King, Gladys Knight uva.

You will find our audio archive here, soon.

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Radio Blau is community radio in Leipzig: And everyone is welcome to contribute and get involved. All you need is a few ideas and a love of radio. E-mail us at!

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