Radio Blau has been on the air as an independent non-commercial voice in Leipzig since 1995, thriving for over two decades on the energy and enthusiasm of the Leipzig free radio community. And listeners are encouraged to become active, whether on the air or behind the scenes. We are a widely diverse group of people presenting a broad spectrum of music, culture, and language. People of all ages, educational and professional backgrounds make Radio Blau what it is, combining their interests and expertise for a rich and diverse schedule. While this may be unusual at other radio stations, it is the very heart and soul of Radio Blau.

Radio Blau provides its all-volunteer on-air talent with an unusual level of freedom. The possibilities are nearly unlimited, ranging from music shows and experiments to comedy and in-depth journalism. There is no need to conform to short two-minute clips or other limitations. Everyone is free to see where their talents and interests will take them.

In addition to German, Radio Blau currently features shows in English, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic. All are welcome and encouraged to broadcast in their own languages. And Radio Blau is specifically geared toward extending a public platform to the underrepresented, whether this involves the experience of minorities or gender issues. Topics of particular local interest also feature prominently at the radio station, which offers a place not only to hear about the latest events but also a medial meeting point for people of all walks of life in and around Leipzig.