Radio Blau is an independent non-commercial community radio. This means that all people can become volunteer radio producers themselves, regardless of their previous knowledge or education. All our radio hosts do this as a hobby, without getting paid. You can broadcast in any language you like and even bi-lingual radio shows are a very cool option to address broad audiences.

To participate, you can either take a “compact course” (approx. 2h) OR the “1st dose of Radio Blau” (1h) and then a few days later the “technical introduction” (1,5h). So if you are in a hurry, already know what you want and are not afraid of using audio equipment, you are welcome to sign up for a compact course. For those who are a bit more insecure and want to try everything out, the combination of “1st dose of Radio Blau” and a separate “technical introduction” is more suitable. In both cases, an “audio editing course” can also be taken later. Current course dates can always be found here. Please note that if not otherwise statet, these dates are in German. If you wish to attend the introductory sessions in other languages like English, Spanish, Russian or Arabic, please don’t hesitate to aks at for an individual session in your preferred language and we will try to find a host for you

From time to time, we also offer more courses thorough courses on how to make radio programmes such as interviewing, voice or scripted audio pieces. These courses you can also find in our dates. We want to keep the entry to as low-threshold as possible and have found: Most people can become radio hosts and producers via Learning by Doing. And our team is always available to give individual advice to newcomers. So don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what you want to do on air or how to do it – come by, we’ll show you all the rest!