New T-Shirts!

The “Future Classics” radio show (every 4th Monday at 10pm) is celebrating its 10th anniversary with DJ Corni’s great new t-shirts. Due to high demand, we also have a few more of our Inkblot Radio Blau t-shirts, and a few remaining Radio Blau t-shirts with the classic circles design, all available for you to have – just come on by during our office hours (Mo-Fr 5-7pm)! (more…)

Last Studio Concert of the Year: Alphonzo

We would like to invite you to one final studio concert at Radio Blau this year on Saturday, December 14 at 6pm. You can expect an evening full of soulful and jazzy hip-hop sounds with Alphonzo and his “Analog Jazz”. So swing on by for the live performance or just follow along live via the frequencies of Radio Blau. Either way, admission is free. The rapper and multi-instrumentalist Alphonzo will perform a total of nine songs from his “Analog Slang” LP, written in collaboration with Figub Brazlevic, now with a live band and a new sound. The album itself was recorded in an old mansion in Spain. (more…)

Radio Blau on demand

As you may have noticed, you can now catch up with past shows down on the left side of the Radio Blau home page. The number of shows that will be available will be expanded in the near future. Regulations here, however, stipulate that programs with music (and only those that fulfill particular criteria) can only be accessed for up to 7 days after broadcast and only for private use (listening and downloading). Commercial use and alterations are not permitted. Please understand that linking recordings to the website is done on an individual basis by our volunteer staff and cannot therefore be expected to be complete.