Radio Blau can be streamed worldwide at
Most browsers will allow you to listen directly, or otherwise use a player or app, such as VLC oder mpv.

We can be heard nearly everywhere in and around Leipzig at our main frequency of 99.2 FM.
In certain areas of Leipzig we can be heard locally at 94.4 (north-west) and 89.2 FM (north-east) as well.
These areas can be seen on the map below.

In Leipzig’s cable networks, primacom und an!, Radio Blau can be heard at 97.9 FM.

Map of Radio Blau's FM frequencies (see text). Transmitters by locations and power: Connewitz 99.2 MHz 500 Watts, Stahmeln 94.4 MHz 250 Watts, Reudnitz 89.2 MHz 100 WattsMap: Jan Lauter