From November 12th to December 22nd, the participatory radio project “Is anybody out there?! 100 Years of Radio in Germany” will take place at the art space D21 in Lindenau and part of the work will also be heard live on Radio Blau. The first German test broadcast via radio was broadcast at Königs Wusterhausen a hundred years ago on December 22nd, 1920, three years before the start of any official radio program. The medium of radio stands for broadcasting from one point to many receivers and intensive contact with the public. Long before today’s mobile communications, radio opened up an acoustic space of simultaneity and location independence. “Is anybody out there?” is dedicated to the transformations and potentials of immaterial sending and receiving: What acoustic and social space does the radio open? What types of community does the radio allow – on the set, in front of the set? What contemporary and future forms of radio can we expect? Take a look at our program here on this website to see what content awaits you!