The “Future Classics” radio show (every 4th Monday at 10pm) is celebrating its 10th anniversary with DJ Corni’s great new t-shirts. Due to high demand, we also have a few more of our Inkblot Radio Blau t-shirts, and a few remaining Radio Blau t-shirts with the classic circles design, all available for you to have – just come on by during our office hours (Mo-Fr 5-7pm)!

The “Future Classics” t-Shirts are fair trade, ecologically produced and handmade. They are available for €20 and the proceeds go to the designer and printer.

The Inkblot Radio Blau t-shirts are made of organically produced cotton and produced with renewable energy by a Leipzig-based company. They are available for €25. They can also be ordered here.

All t-shirts are available in regular or tapered cuts.

Future Classics – Elstertainment
Tintenfleck – Jonas Dichelle
Kreise – MZIN