On September 15, 2018, Radio Inklusive, Radio Blau’s program dedicated to a more inclusive society, received one of three awards for social participation in Leipzig. Mayor Burkhard Jung presented the prizes to projects working towards the greater participation and social inclusion of people with disabilities.

Beginning in summer 2017, a variety of people with and without different abilities have been learning the ropes at Radio Blau on an equal footing as part of the project. They are fully responsible for choosing the topics most relevant to them and pursuing them on the station’s airwaves. The new broadcasters have also learned a great deal about one another in the process, working to overcome any boundaries among themselves as well.

Previous Radio Inklusive broadcasts are still available to be heard here (in German).

The project’s meetings welcome all newcomers and are free of charge. Those interested are encouraged to write to anja@radioblau.de.

“Radio Inklusive” is supported by the Aktion Mensch organization.