Bad News

In this episode we will just take over the 43th issue of BAD NEWS – angry voices from around the world – done by the a-radio-network ( cause we where quite occupied last time and not able to produce own content non the less we hope you will enjoy the show !


A-radio Berlin: An interview with the “anarchist food help of Bochum and Dortmund”

The Final Straw Radio: A portion of a conversation with an Ethiopia anarchist member of Horn Anarchists about the conflict in Tigray

free social radio 1431AM: About the recently passed law for the educational system and the student movement and about the hunger strike of Dimitris Koufontinas

Radiofragmata: Notes on the current situation in so-called Greece

Črna Luknja: A discussion with Peter Gelderloos after Pablo Hacel was imprisoned last month www