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  1. Podcast
    In this episode we will just take over the 43th issue of BAD NEWS – angry voices from around the world – done by the a-radio-network (a-radio-network.org) cause we where quite occupied last time and not able to produce own content non the less we hope you will enjoy the show !


    A-radio Berlin: An interview with the “anarchist food help of Bochum and Dortmund”

    The Final Straw Radio: A portion of a conversation with an Ethiopia anarchist member of Horn Anarchists about the conflict in Tigray

    free social radio 1431AM: About the recently passed law for the educational system and the student movement and about the hunger strike of Dimitris Koufontinas

    Radiofragmata: Notes on the current situation in so-called Greece

    Črna Luknja: A discussion with Peter Gelderloos after Pablo Hacel was imprisoned last month www

  2. Bad News

    Bad news for Tilia No10

    In the main part of the show there will be a historical reminder about the Uprising of Kronstadt 100 years ago, a interview about the 8th of march in Leipzig and a interview about the hungerstrike and the current situation of Dimitris Koufontinas ( Revolutionary from Greece) www

  3. Bad News

    Bad News for Tilia

    content of show no9 on ( 6.02.2021 – 5 pm ) :

    In this show we’ll have three interviews, several short news and announcements.
    Interviews content:
    1. Elefant in the Room – Conversation on 25.01.2021 with anarchists from Russia on „Freedom to Navalny“ protests
    2. Park Bench 3 – Summary on the end of the trial in Hamburg
    3. Solikomitee #1007 – Appeal process on „Hildegartstrasse Trial“ and solidarity needed

  4. Bad News

    Bad news for Tillia No8

    In this show we’ll have two interviews, several short news and announcements.

    1st interview we took from the final straw radio – it is about anarchism in cuba and was taken in 2018.
    for more current infos you can check the links below.

    As Isbel talks about in the interview, the state-run National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX) had bowed to pressure from right wing Christian groups and canceled the event so activists were planning to hold an autonomous Conga resulting in several more arrests. A report with updates on the subject can be found at the Rosa Negra / Black Rose Federation website. You can also find an audio statement from Mario from the TLAL space on the subject
    in Spanish via BRRN.

    To learn more about ABRA, they have a website at CentroSocialABRA.Wordpress.Com as well as a fedbook page as AbraCuba and one for Taller Libertario Alfredo Lopez. ABRA is affiliated with the Federacion Anarquista de Centro America y el Caribe, or the Caribbean and Central American Anarchist Federation, which can be found in Spanish at f-anarquista-cc.blogspot.com.

    2nd interview is about the antijob initiative in russia

    you can read more and/or support them via the link below


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