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The electrostatic tension on the fields of disconnect.
An audiovisual performance based on the premises of deep ecology and ecofeminism, a collaboration of art director and musician Akkamiau, visual artist Jana Franzova and dancers and choreographers Marlene Kahl, Marketa Kuttnerova, Magdalena Junkova and Jolana Sturmova, with an opening and closing ritual by Sarah Martinus. This audio was recorded at the premiere at Berlin’s gallery Vierte Welt in March 2022. Voltage refers to the electric pressure and our piece deals with the ongoing tension between natural and human-created artificial structures, comments on the exchange of the energies. The creative concept of sound composition Xiao experiments with human voice, the ultimate melodic instrument able to capture instantaneous emotions and thus to translate feelings into sound, and with transcendental Whistling, a Taoist method that creates a connection between whistling and the basic elements of nature, targeting specific body organs through sound and movement. The interpretation of these specific human expressions is further analyzed and reinterpreted in the digital realm by AI algorithms, through deep neural networks. Reworked samples are mixed with the instrumental part, improvisation with electricity currents running through the semi modular hardware synthesizers Moog Matriarch and Grandmother, the sound explores the possibilities of the human and the artificial, the organic and inorganic, to merge into a new form of coexistence. The soundtrack resonates and revisits internal emotional states, melting the tension stored in old memories and traumas, and brings healing experience through grounding the energy through the dancers movements and the interconnected visuals.