EP 01 The Beginning

Let’s hear one of the most well known house tracks of the early 90s, with a vocal line that inspired the title of this pod. We’ll hear it in two different versions and talk about sampling. Fresh ideas are born in the name of inspiration. How everyone borrows a snippet of someone’s creation and make it their own. A track has a dna, but part of it can be dressed up in new gowns and present itself as something familiar but yet from another planet. Sampling was universal in early house music. If you don’t believe me, take a look at this website:

Put on your dance shoes and travel with me to the 90s. -Phtalo
The Break Boys „My House Is Your House“
The Montini Experienc II „My House Is Your House And Your House Is Mine“ Emmanuel Top „Acid Phase“
Josh Wink „Don’t Laugh“
Josh Wink „I Am Ready“
Phtalo „Emotions Are My Power“

Eddie Amador „House Music“