EP 04 The Dancefloor Is Made Of Dub

Get your sub ON. We’re about to go wobbly deep. The lowest frequencies, that heavy rolling kick that makes your hips move. The lower freq spectrum that your body automatically responds to, by moving and grooving, can’t stand still. A train that keeps going, taking us across the continents to see new horizons. My first guest is visiting the pod. She has a hefty long DJ career, travellig around the world making the dancefloors bounce in the dark. She also founded Female:Pressure, an online platform that suddenly spiked in new members after Björk mentioned it in an interview. I’m obviously talking about the gentle and generous Electric Indigo, who in the 90s worked at Hardwax, the legendary record store in Berlin. We talk about her preferred DJ tools and she tucks in an anecdote, before playing her chosen track. Welcome!