Isabel, Shira, Gal and Peter are our new awareness team. The idea for such a team came up at the end of 2021 during the project “Open access and yet diverse”, in which all Radio Blau programme makers could participate. The awareness team is now the contact point for all people who are active at Radio Blau and experience situations in which they would like support. The aim of the team is to make awareness a topic on the radio and, if necessary, to be a discussion partner or to refer people. The team wants to contribute to an open and empathetic climate at the station and association.

At the end of 2022, the team will also implement the project “Associations for All” as part of the initiative fund of the Partnership for Democracy “Leipzig. Ort der Demokratie” initiative fund of the Council of Leipzig. The aim is to develop concrete recommendations for action in exchange with other associations and initiatives on how an awareness team can be successfully installed and work in a medium-sized, locally active association in order to be the point of contact for conflicts that arise in relation to diversity or discrimination.

The team works independently of the other bodies of the association, such as the board, the general plenum or the office crew, and can be contacted at the email address All enquiries are treated confidentially; it is also possible to report anonymously. The team speaks German, English and Hebrew.