The form below is our calendar reminder web app. It creates a link to a dynamic calendar which you can subscribe to. Your device will tell you when your favorite shows are on. You can also get a notification shortly before the broadcast.

This works slightly differently on each operating system – Android or iOS on your smartphone; macOS, Windows or Linux on your desktop.
We have prepared two instructions with screenshots for Apple/iOS and Google calendar. (Links to the German version; English is coming soon.)

Generally, independently of your operating system:

  • Pick some shows and set all options. The form generates a qr code and a link to a calendar, which you can subscribe to.
  • When at some point you want to change the shows you subscribe to, you need to delete the old subscription from your device (you “unsubscribe”). Then you create a new link and subscribe to that. (This also helps with privacy: you don’t need an account or a password!)

1 Pick shows

Your reached the maximum amount of 10. Not all will show up on your calendar.

2 Options

Hint text

3 Scan, save, share

Please pick at least one show and set all options
This QR code links to a dynamic calendar. Scan it with your smartphone to subscribe. The QR code equals to this link:
This page remembers your selection and options. If you want to be extra safe, or if you have blocked this function, you can set a bookmark, or copy the current link from your URL address bar. You can share this link, it works independently of the system option.