Radia fm *

MP Hopkins’ Page 38 (language wrinkles) is an exercise in spatially-decentred radiophony and poetic indeterminacy. It builds an intimate architecture of Hertian space in order to interrogate and unravel ideas of the broadcast voice as one-way transmission, setting in motion a series of ellipses and feedback loops. Using radio as both medium and method, a page from an evolving text score the artist has been writing since 2018 is vocalised and sent into the aether, an open-ended process incorporating several mediating techniques that work sequentially to further multiply and distribute: live FM radio improvisations that function as feedback systems rerouting signals through multiple sources that emerge again, transfigured, within the same on-air broadcast; low power FM transmissions and spatially-located arrays of small receivers channelling playback through an echo-chamber of domestic activity, the artist recording his own listening-to and listening-with.
MP Hopkins is an artist working on Gadigal and Wangal land in Sydney, Australia that makes audio, performance, radiophonic, and textual works. He uses voice, feedback, recording/playback devices, and verbal notation within different acoustic environments, which are deconstructed and presented to the listener in delicate and degraded ways.