Radia fm *

new and forgotten ways of making radio

Today we listen to Show 902 and the Crown Quartet – A Natural Contract live at NaturArchy Resonance IV.
In the second half of the show we will listen to episode 903: „I have no voice“ is a spoken word piece based around an indeterminacy of sounds in chaos, phonetically structured so that they form their own spoken language. Here the voice is used a tool, it cuts into language and slices speech into syllables and hypercuts. The voice tells us she has no voice, she is AI, a bot. Her voice however has a name, Daniela, the feminine of Daniel in 2001 Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke and Kubrick, and one of the avatars Annlee speaks about in Anywhere Out of the World (2000 Parreno). More here in the archives.org and at radia.fm…