Commandix Mephisto is a pilot on TransCapsule QRT2447, flying in HyperDrive towards the space station, alone in this spaceship for another two months. Mephistos mental logbook reports an enlightened handling of a personal human existence with an liberated, pleasure-focused sexuality, beyond gender stencils. As a well-mannered psychonautix the commandix has reached an advanced level of drug-use-maturity and has gained tons of knowledge about psychoactives and the right settings to trip in groups and evaluate its outcome. But the biggest fun is … to combine both: intimacy and being high, accompanied by sharing awareness as far as a responsable future-oriented enlightenment.
A one hour musical space trip. With the release of the „10 O BLANK“ soli tape, a new Mikrodisko Mixtape for the 10th birthday of the Berlin club ://About Blank. It supports also the group Love Lazers and their activist work in Colombia. They have just published the Mephisto text as one of 20 user reports about „chems and sex“ on

10 O BLANK: 2 x 30min mixes of NEKO TO ōKAMI and LUX www