Past shows

  1. Dear Listeners,
    in our up coming show we will report on the “JETZT REICHTS” demo and the ongoing labor dispute in Leipzig West.

    Further more we will have an interview with a comrade from Feminist Anti-War Resistance and talk about the current situation in Russia.

    Apart that we have several interviews and audios in our pipeline we would like to share with you but we have to see how things develop and stray spontaneous – surprise!

    So don’t hesitate and tune in!

  2. In the up coming show of bad news for tilia you will listen to the following content:

    -Interview about the threat of eviction against “Rorbrat Squat” (Poznan / Poland)

    -interview about the new squat “PLAC” (Ljubljana/ Slovenia)

    (-maybe a interview with the anarchist collective feral crust (Philipines) about the situation there and the work they do – you can find it on our blog if we will not have the time to transmit it these time cause we have to much other brand new news we have to cover…)

    -local news like a report from the CSD in Taucha (17.09)

    -And like always some announcements

    tune in or check the content on our blogs:

  3. more anarchist news…

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