Aktuell would like to welcome you to the team!

Aktuell (Mondays-Fridays, 7-8pm), our daily program with local and global features and reports, has been building up momentum with new Leipzig-oriented content, and the Aktuell team would be happy to welcome you aboard to have a part in it. If you are interested in dealing on-air with local topics involving politics, culture, the environment, and more (and perhaps from a more international perspective), we would be glad to assist you with learning how to get started.

“Stimmpost” project getting started!

We invite you to discover our radio station with us and have fun creating your own piece of radio – something we are calling “Stimmpost”! Radio Blau would like to raise awareness for the issues that are of importance to you – and in your own languages – and turn them into a radio broadcast. We have workshops planned in June.

Radio Blau taking part in World Radio Day

Radio Blau will be taking part in this year’s World Radio Day on February 13, 2019 in cooperation with Radio X, community radio in Frankfurt. During the event, one of our programs will be broadcast on another non-commercial radio station, while we will broadcast a show from another station as well. (more…)